Chemical Industry

Salt is used in the electrolysis of sodium chloride and the production of sodium carbonate and sodium sulfate, in order to obtain chlorine and soda. Chlorine is used to produce raw materials such as pvc , bleaching and disinfection materials, and soda is used to produce industrial fabric, paper and aluminum milk, Salt is also used in the manufacture of calcium carbonate, glass and detergent industry and is used in the textile industry as a source of dye and is also used in the oil refining and extraction industries


very pure refined fine sea salt made by solar evaporation of natural sea brine

0.3 – 1.2 mm

Fine sea salt is suitable for industrial food applications fish processing 


Road Salt is a dry and easy to spread to keep roads, parking Lots, sidewalks, without snow longer effect available in different qualities 97% pure sodium Chloride with anticaking Crystals.

2:14 mm

Road Salt De-icing – Many industrial applications.

Washed Marine Salt

This Salt is very pure Salt Crystals Sodium Chloride content is more than 98% moister in 3% calcium and magnesium is less than 1%

4:10 mm

Road Salt- many industrial applications