De-icing Salt

Grit salt or de-icing salt is the most efficient way to control ice on the road. De-icing salt is effective up to -12 °C and is perfect for de-icing pavements, parking lots and roads. Our de-icing salt can be ordered and delivered in individual packets or in bulk. The brine works quickly and efficiently up to -21 °C*


Road Salt is a dry and easy to spread to keep roads, parking Lots, sidewalks, without snow longer effect available in different qualities 97% pure sodium Chloride with anticaking Crystals.

2:14 mm

Road Salt De-icing – Many industrial applications.

Washed Marine Salt

This Salt is very pure Salt Crystals Sodium Chloride content is more than 98% moister in 3% calcium and magnesium is less than 1%

4:10 mm

Road Salt- many industrial applications